Singer/Songwriter and Recording Artist CarolAnn Barrows is a Songbird for Healing and Transformation

“With every breath I breathe I pray for people to find peace within their own hearts ~ to experience Heaven on Earth. With my breath and song I carve out a bowl of compassion to create the sacred space to heal despair, loneliness, and disability ~ so you can shine from the inside out.” ~ CarolAnn Barrows

CarolAnn Barrows has the voice of an angel, the patience of a saint, and a mission to heal the world through song. Her story about overcoming a life-threatening illness offers powerful proof that those who suffer pain or profound loss can find their way back to live the life of their dreams.

From a very young age CarolAnn enchanted audiences with her crystal clear singing voice and grace-filled artistry.  Appreciative audiences of up to 20,000 in Seattle’s most prestigious performance venues — including The Paramount, The Fifth Avenue, McCaw Hall Opera House, The Intiman Theater, and The Key Arena – took delight in her healing musical gifts to rave reviews.

“Carolann’s songs touch the heart within the heart.  When she sings, I listen.  She has a beautiful voice.” ~ Ram Das

“Oh CarolAnn, your voice is so beautiful that a butterfly stopped to listen.” ~ Jane, Age 5

“I was reading your bio and I was very encouraged by your strength and perseverance. I know this is sooo cliche but you have come a long way baby. I am learning guitar and when I get stressed out while practicing I have listened to your music and it brings me back to center and I can continue with my lesson. I just wanted to stop by and say thanks.” ~ Peter

Then, while on a trip to the Florida coast, the random bite of a mosquito changed everything. An encephalitis damaged the whole left and part of the right side of CarolAnn’s brain. Her once promising singing career was placed on hold as she literally fought for every breath. Meditation, music, chanting, and the Chinese healing practice of Qi Gong saved her life and spirit. These practices allowed her to maintain sacred connection to her breath and the present moment during years of painstaking rehabilitation and recovery.  As she now playfully quips, “It took be over 25 years to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.”

A notable, nonmusical influence in CarolAnn’s life and art was her friend and mentor, Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, best known for her pioneering work with death and dying.  Through this soulful friendship she learned about the special needs of dying patients – especially children.  CarolAnn’s own experience of grief, loss and healing can be heard in her voice as she cradles the listener in a warm embrace.  She has sung for countless funerals and memorial services and has been grateful for the opportunities to assist in transforming heartbreak into grace and even joy.

Today, CarolAnn is once again strong, healthy, and unstoppable as she sings to heal body, mind, and spirit of others. Concerts, life celebrations and transitions,  places of worship and those who provide palliative care call on CarolAnn to touch and transform lives and spirits with the beauty of her healing voice.

With six albums to her credit, CarolAnn’s music is infused with chant, New Age, classical, Celtic and folk influences to create a musical embrace of peace. The sweet simplicity of repetition serves as a refuge where souls can rest and gather their strength for the journey ahead, wherever it may lead.

In 2011 she released a CD entitled Being of Light  with music created specifically for children with life-threatening illnesses and their caregivers. This was her most profound and personal creative contribution. A promise she made in her 30’s to create this album is what kept her alive during her years of recovery from the ravages of encephalitis.

In 2013 she released Comfort & Joy ~ Sacred Songs of Christmas

CarolAnn was named after her father, Carol, who was born on Christmas Eve and was named after the carolers outside of the hospital and his mother Ann.  It is only fitting that she share her favorite carols, accompanied by the luxurious sounds of a grand piano.

She calls our attention to the transformative power of songs from the ongoing peace movement, in her soon-to-be released CD entitled The Strangest Dream. Sign up here to be notified when it will be available.

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"Oh ~ your voice is so beautiful
that a butterfly stopped to listen."
- Jane Age 4

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