“Oh, your voice is so beautiful that a butterfly stopped to listen.” ~ Jane, 4 years old

“Wow. beautiful and amazing… your story, your voice, your mission, your reminding us of what’s important with grace, kindness, dignity and beauty. thank you CarolAnn.”~Shana

“I was reading your bio and I was very encouraged by your strength and perseverance. I know this is sooo cliche but you have come a long way baby. I am learning guitar and when I get stressed out while practicing I have listened to your music and it brings me back to center and I can continue with my lesson. I just wanted to stop by and say thanks.” ~ Peter

“Thank you for gracing our world with such creativity, grace and joy. Love to you!”~ Annemarie

“You are so very talented…the frequency you hold in your heart is beautiful…you speak
more with the emotion of your music than any one could with words, it is the coordinates of home. Thank you for BEING your purpose and passion, as we all benefit.” ~ Dane

“Dear sister of light, your voice encourages me to continue to dream! Thanks for the sounds of your heart!” ~ Love, Amira

“You inspire me to move further down the path with my own music and put it out for the world to enjoy.” ~ John

“Pure simplicity of your voice. Essential purity that restores the soul. Much needed vibration for the world.” ~ Angel

“I have been so enjoying your CD. It is deeply lovely and comforting. Your voice is like the soft glow of a candle….warm & light.” ~ Beth

“Angelic Singing” ~ William Rivers Pitt

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CarolAnn Barrows - Sacred Life-Affirming Music - butterfly"Oh ~ your voice is so beautiful
that a butterfly stopped to listen."
- Jane Age 4

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