World Premiere of Mevlidi Sherif in English

Renowned soloist CarolAnn Barrows will sing beloved 500-year-old Turkish poem in Seattle

Seattle, WA: CarolAnn Barrows has been invited by the Turkish Ministry of Culture to be the first person ever to sing their most beloved, 500-year-old epic poem –the Mevlidi Sherif– in English.

This most frequently recited poem in the world is cherished by Turkish Muslims, much as Christmas carols are by Christians. Unlike Christmas carols, this poem is sung and recited throughout the year.

You can be part of this historic, cross-cultural, musical peacemaking project by joining the Kickstarter campaign today.

It is only when we understand the stories of another culture that we can truly embrace their deeply held values. Then we naturally discover the common threads of peace, harmony and goodwill that weave their way through all of our stories.

In order to make this epic tale accessible and aesthetically pleasing to Western sensibilities, classical composer, Taylor Kroff has composed a symphony that will be remembered as lovingly as Handel’s Messiah. Funds are being sought for the orchestral recording and documentary filming.

The composition and transcription of the musical score, video production, studio and engineering time for preliminary samples of the music, as well as web design and international promotion, has already been done. In addition, countless hours have been devoted to research, rehearsal and collaboration. Truly, this is a labor of great love.

Rewards for support include: recordings of the English Mevlidi Sherif, priority seating at the World Premiere, voice lessons with the soloist, a catered Turkish meal, copies of the documentary and a reception following the World Premiere.

This September two Grammy Award winning producers will be recording the Mevlidi Sherif in English, with an orchestra and soloist CarolAnn Barrows, in the acoustically perfect Saint Edward’s Chapel in Seattle, Washington.

Every aspect of the creation of the English Mevlidi Sherif is being filmed in order to create a documentary, to introduce international audiences to this cultural marvel.

The World Premiere performance will be held on December 12, 2016 in Seattle Symphony’s 2,500 seat Benaroya Hall.

The newly opened Turkish Mosque, the Diyanet Center of America, near Washington, D.C., is a partner in the World Premiere of the English Mevlidi Sherif.

Contact: [email protected]    206.801.1066